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TPBM Alien - Xerxes Dolomite

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Pets: Scottish Deerhound, Irish Setter, Brussels-Griffon, Schnorgi

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Skins: Tabula Rasa by fantasyrogue
Eyes: The Fallen by niloublue
Face templates: Set Ichi by katu_sims
Multi-PT: Hack Deux by katu_sims (with skins by fantasyrogue)

So guys...

...any idea how to fix this?

Trying to run TS3 on a 13" MacBook Pro running OS X Lion and an Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB. I know next to nothing about Macs and graphics cards; that last sentence was all gibberish to me. I'm already running the game on the lowest graphics settings but maybe there are some settings I can change within system preferences? I'm assuming it's a hopeless cause, and it's just extremely selfish of me to want to have a game I can play on both my computers. :P Anyway, any TS3 for Mac players who might know a way to improve this graphic situation, hit me up!

Download a Doxie!

Yayay Doxies for download! Just Florence and the spare Gen2s for now; Poodle will come later. ;)

TOU: Breed 'em, burn 'em, shave 'em, paint 'em, genderswap 'em, age 'em, commit 'em -- just don't claim 'em as your own.

All are packaged as adults. CC-free versions are base compat. Stats provided if you want to use them, but they're by no means required.

Florence Doxie
Family/Popularity, 4/3/7/5/6
+ Athletic, Great Cook / - Hats
LTW: Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens
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Update soon, promise! I just got a new job about three weeks ago and have just finished a six-day (40-hour) week of training. Phew! Anyway, I promise I have not abandoned yet another legacy! I've got the next four days off (YAAAAAY) so I plan to do a lot of simming.